Paul Pedulla is my cousin-in-law. This post honors Paul as an Artist. 


He and Steve were cousins and also good friends. As a result, we saw him when we were in Boston in 2008, and he and his partner Lawrence had dinner with us when they were in Los Angeles in 2013 (I think it was.)


So, I was hoping he would be around during my trip to Boston. Well, turns out that he and Lawrence were in Maine, but he planned to drive down for the weekend to Cambridge, where he lives most of the time (when he is not in South Beach or Maine). He planned to be at the Interment. He then invited me to come by his Studio to a big art event on Sunday, August 12, because there would be lots of activity that day that I would enjoy. A big outdoor market near his Studio building. Great! That sounded fun. “Second Sunday Open Studios” from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in Boston on Harrison Avenue. Yes! I will be there!


As it turned out, it rained most of the day on Sunday. Therefore the outdoor part of the event was cancelled. But the building was still open and there were plenty of studios to visit plus the Vintage Market in the basement. I arrived at 12 noon by Uber at what I thought was the front door. (I found out later that the front door was on the side of the building, but I went in “the side door”, thinking it was the front.) NO ELEVATOR up to the Paul’s #314.  So I trudged – one by one – up three flights of stairs, looking at artwork on the walls as I climbed. Ugh!


When I got to the third floor, Paul’s Studio was still down a long corridor.  I knew I was there to stay until I left. No going up and down!! 


When I arrived at #314, Paul was there and AMAZED I had come in the “side door” and climbed all of those stairs. Why didn’t I use the elevator? Haha. Who knew. Whew! I was so glad.  I could wander around after all. This is what I saw.   Paul, originals (not framed), and three prints (the framed ones)


YES!! What fun.  This is a smattering of his work. I have my favorites.






He shares a small space of the Studio with another person, Marilyn Ranker, a sculptress. I really like her work, too. She was not there that day, and I had to explain to people I was not Marilyn. 


I visited a lot of studios and saw a lot of amazing artwork, bought a necklace I adore, and a gorgeous blue cashmere sweater (70% off ????), and had so much fun in Paul’s Studio with a Paul and all of the visitors that I forgot about the Vintage Market in the basement. Darn!  Next time.  


Paul’s art work in featured in homes all over the world. The blue’s captivate people and they spend a lot of time, just standing and looking. One couple had just purchased a beach home on Cape Cod and were discussing whether they wanted a big one or a little one. They will be back. Plus, Paul’s personality makes his guests feel right at home, and they all discuss his work together.  


At 4:00 p.m., Uber took us both back to Cambridge where we had homemade pizza made by Lawrence (who is studying for the LSAT exam in two weeks!!)  YUM!!


What a perfect ending to a wonderful trip!  My flight to Nice was leaving the next day.   Thank you, Paul and thank you, Lawrence, for ALL of it. What wonderful memories!!  I made a movie for Paul.  It will get its own post!!

Best, Jay





  1. What an interesting ending to your trip. Sorry to hear you climbed all those flights of steps. I don’t do steps if I can help it. I have a double pacemaker and avoid Afib , if possible.
    Beautiful art and good looking pizza, as well.
    Happy to learn you had some pleasure in a otherwise sad trip.
    I watched the movie, too. Very good !

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